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ChiTown Futbol is located in a building that was built of poured-in-place concrete during the 1940’s. When you enter the building you ascend a wide pedestrian ramp towards the second floor playing fields (reminiscent of Soldier Field and Wrigley Field). Above the fields are open steel trusses and a pitched roof with rows of skylights. Murals decorate the walls which are painted by local youth whom participate in the “After School Matters Program”.

The eatery “La Cascarita De ChiTown” is centrally located, whereby food is served out from what used to be an old industrial elevator shaft. At the heart of the stadium are the three playing fields (two large – 171ft x 65ft and one small – 80ft x 50ft). The boards are made of the highest quality laminated plastics. Tempered glass is mounted above the boards in the spectator regions and netting runs to the rafters. There are men’s and women’s restrooms complete with showers & baby changing stations. Numerous high definition LCD televisions, projectors systems, and video arcades are located throughout the facility to provide both spectators and players additional entertainment.


The Mission of ChiTown Sports is to:

Provide high quality recreational sports to Chicago Area Adults as well as providing early stage child development sports programming such that children achieve the development milestones, that should be a natural part of their personal growth and achieve success on and off the field.