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Chitown Sport Facilities Regulations

Chitown Futbol shall apply the official Indoor Rules and Regulations of the United Indoor Soccer Association, in addition to the following modifications.



Rule – 1  General Rules


  1. All participants must abide by the Rules and Regulations of Chitown Sport Facilities.
  2. All unsportsmanlike behavior (fights, insults) that hinders the image of this League will be liable to expulsion of all parties involved.  All moneys paid will not be reimbursable.



 Rule – 2  Team Registration


  1. Only the teams that have adhered to the financial and administrative requisites of the League will be allowed to participate.  All other teams will be immediately disqualified.



Rule – 3  Competition/Standings


  1. The playing format will be determined by the number of registered teams.
  2. Points will be awarded as follows:

1.      Three points for a win.

2.      One point for a tie.

3.      Zero points for a loss.


Rule – 4  Teams


A.   All participating teams must wear uniforms with numbers.  Uniforms must be worn correctly.  The League will give all teams a 3 week leeway to acquire uniforms.  After this, players without uniforms will not be allowed to play.  The League has the final decision on accepting team uniforms.

B.   Players are not allowed to play with ear-rings, rings, necklaces or any other type of jewelry.  Players not adhering to this rule during the game, will be sanctioned with a 2 minute penalty.

C.   Teams must be ready to come onto the field at least 15 minutes before game time.

D.   Teams must pay for their line-up before every game.

E.   Teams must show their line-up before entering the field. 

F.    Players must show their “Team ID” before entering the field.

G.  All participants must have a “Team ID” by the second week of play.  No “team ID” = No play!


Rule – 5  Team and Player Registration


A.   Teams will be properly registered when:

a)    They show the “Team Registration” form.

b)    They have paid the team registration fee.

B.   Players will be properly registered when:

a)    The participant has signed and submitted the liability waiver.

b)    The participant has taken two pictures.  One for the “team line-up” and the other for the “player ID”.

c)     The participant has paid the insurance membership for one year.

C.   Teams may register a maximum of 15 players and a minimum of 8.

D.   Teams may register new players and release players up to the 7th week of competition.


Rule – 6  Coaching Staff


A.   Teams are allowed only one coach in the bench area during the game.

B.   The referee may eject the coach from the bench area if the coaches’ behavior merits and ejection.

C.   The coach must have a team ID in order to be in the bench area during the game.


Rule – 7  The Game


A.   The game will be played with a maximum of 6 players on the field and a minimum of 4.

B.   In the winter sessions the games will be played of two 17 minute halves, and two 20 minute halves in the summer session.

C.   After the game time starts running, teams not ready to play will have 10 minutes to start play, before they loose by forfeit.

D.   Teams will be awarded one goal against for every 5 minutes of tardiness to the game.

E.   Teams that loose by forfeit must pay their line-up the very next week.



Rule – 8  Team Line-ups and Substitution


A.   Team line-ups must be presented to the “time keeper” before the start of the game.

B.   Substitutions are unlimited and may be done at any time of the game.

C.   The substituted player must come off the field before the substituting player comes on to the field.  Players not adhering to this rule will be penalized with a two minute penalty.

D.   The door in the bench area must be kept close at all times.  It should only be open at the time of substitution.

E.   Players must not jump over the wall during substitutions.  Players not adhering to this rule will be penalized with a two minute penalty.


Rule – 9  Rules of the games and consecuences


A.   The consequences of penalties to the penalized player are as follows:

a)    Blue card  =  2 minutes out.

b)    Red card   =  5 minutes and removal from the field and bench area.  One game suspension.  Depending on the gravity of the incident, the League may suspend the player for additional games.

c)     3 Blue cards  =  In the same game to the same player, is the equivalent to a Red card

d)    3 Red cards   =  The player receiving 3 red cards in the same session will be remove indefinitely from Chitown Futbol.

B.   The following incidents are penalized with a Red card:

a)    Accumulation of 3 Blue cards in the same game.  This infraction is a one game suspension.

b)    Insulting a team mate and/or an opposing player.  This infraction is a one game suspension.

c)     Rough play.  This is a 2 game suspension, or more, depending on the severity of the infraction.

d)    Fighting.  This is a 3 game suspension.

e)     Insulting the referee.  This is a 1-3 game suspension.  The League has the final decision.

f)      Attempting to fight with a referee.  This is a 5 game suspension.

g)    Fighting with a referee.  This is an 8 game suspension and possibly an indefinite expulsion from Chitown Futbol.




C.   Additional Rules

a)    Players will not be allowed to play with the slightest smell of alcohol in their breath.

b)    Field players are not allowed to slide-tackle.  Only the goal-keeper is allowed to slide-tackle, strictly inside the goal-keepers box.

c)     No shin-guards = no play.  Players playing with out shin-guards will be penalized with a 2 minute penalty.

d)    Intentional hand ball will be penalized with a 2 minute penalty.

e)     Dangerous checking or pushing will be penalized with a 2 minute, or 5 minute penalty.

f)      Teams have 6 seconds to re-start play from the time of the whistle of the referee.  If play is not re-started with-in these 6 seconds, ball possession will change to the other team.

g)    When players of opposite teams are penalized simultaneously, both must serve their full amount of penalty time; even when either team scores.

h)    The goal-keeper may dribble the ball into the keepers’ box; only if he did not intentionally received a pass from a team-mate.

i)       Anyone that physically attacks the referee, or any staff member, will be ejected from the League and be placed under arrest of the Chicago Police Department.

j)      Players are NOT allowed to play in two different teams and in the same Leauge/Day.

k)    The captain and the coach of the team that plays with ineligible players (i.e. Players from other teams and or not properly registered) will be suspended for one game.

l)       Players that jump the wall out of the players’ box, during substitution, will be penalized with a “blue card”.

m) The referee may consult the time keeper only for pivotal clarification.

n)    The League will not apply the “three line” rule.

o)    When a team has 7 players on the field (during play), any player on the field must serve a 2 minute penalty.

p)    Only the captain of the team may respectfully speak/request/ask the referee.

q)    When the ball touches the net above, play shall restart at the line closes to where the ball touched the net.

r)     During a fight on the field, players in the bench area and/or fans MUST not come onto the field.  Those who do, WILL be suspended/ejected fromChitown, according to the gravity and/or involvement in the incident.


Rule – 10  Coed League


A.   Specific Rules

a)    This League will be played with 4 men and 2 women on the field.

b)    The women may play any position on the field.

c)     Teams must have at least one woman in order to start the game.  In this case the team must play with 4 men and 1 woman.

d)    A team will forfeit the game if they do not have at least one woman on the field, before the permitted time for a forfeit.

e)     In a penalty shot, if the shooter is a woman, the goal-keeper MUST be a woman.

f)      The men may not shoot a direct kick on goal.